Healthify Plants

Healthify Plants

Water as per plants requirement



This project comprises of two projects, the second one in continuation with the first project.Maintaining a house gardens can be quite difficult sometimes,especially when it comes to plants water requirements.The motive behind the project was designing a concept for the betterment and maintenance of household plants.


Project Duration

5 weeks

My Role

UX Research, Product and App Designing

Tools Used

Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, SketchUp, Adobe Photoshop

Plant Straw

Design Brief

My main design challenge was to make a design solution so that plants themselves can take care of plants and its water requirements.Mostly people like to keep houseplants at their place but are often confused about the maintenance and health of these plants.One of such major  concern is related to the water requirement of plant.My main area of focus is people (professionals as well as homemakers) having a house garden or having gardening as their area of interest.



  • People sometimes forget to water plant in  middle of their daily routine.
  • Most plants gets damaged when they are not watered for a long time, this normally happens when people go out of station.
  • People sometimes forget to water plant in  middle of their daily routine.
  • Most plants gets damaged when they are not watered for a long time, this normally happens when people go out of station.


My main design challenge was to make a design solution so that plants themselves can take care of plants and its water requirements.This solution is based on the principle of capillary action.

Product Designing

Final Product - Plant Straw

The product is to be placed inside an empty pot with a small hole in side.The plate acts as a partition-er and divides plate into two compartments.Upper part is for soil whereas lower part will act as water reservoir.Water is to poured from the top of pipe until excess water gets leaking from the bottom side hole.Hemp thread will keep on moisturizing the soil by absorbing water using capillary action. Benefits of this product:
  • No need to worry about watering plants for 8-10 days.
  • Can be used in existing pots.
  • Plants pull water as per requirement.
  • Suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Indicator to know when to water next

The Gardener’s Guide | A smart web application to maintain office/community gardens

Design Brief

In continuation with the above project this project was made with respect to slightly huge spaces like office and community gardens.

Societies and offices constructed today includes landscape architecture where they work on the exterior landscape area.Now a days , architects during their construction phase provide separate podium level concrete planters for gardening and many plants can be planted row wise in these spaces .My solution is intended to maintaining plants in these areas with efficient water supply mainly using treated grey-water for gardening purpose.

Societies and  offices constructed today includes landscape architecture where they work on the exterior landscape area.Now a days , architect s during their construction phase provide separate podium level concrete planter s for gardening and many plant s can be planted row wise in these spaces .My solution will be intended to maintaining plant s in these areas with efficient water supply.

Focus Group

As part of my primary research I contacted various people who were directly or indirectly my points of contact  1)Direct -This category includes security, Gardener s ,Society secretary ,other facility department staff 2) Indirect – This includes residents of society,office employees , society secretaries


When we talk about sewage treatment plants there are further divisions into it.Sewage water is mainly wastewater. Wastewater is any kind of water that is affected by human use.One of the kind of wastewater is Grey-water. Grey-water – This is wastewater that originates from non- toilet and food fixtures such as bathroom sinks ,washing machine bathtubs .After treatment it is suitable for re-use.I am going to concentrate on using Grey-water for reuse for watering garden.This table indicates the average amount of wastewater generated by one person in each day.

Design Setup

System Elements

Each planter will be connected to a corresponding valve.Inside every planter, in soil section there will be sensors and these sensors will be mapped to the corresponding valve. Through this system I am tracking basic soil requirements such as- 
  • Soil Moisture Level 
  • Soil PH Level 
  • Sunlight exposed area 
  • Plant health


All the parameters mentioned above will be displayed on a screen.The application dashboard is designed in such a way that all the important information will appear on a single screen.Sitemap of all the planters in the premise area will be displayed and individually for all parameters tracking can be done easily.

The Gardener's Guide

Please have a look at the basic working video of application.