Community Bazaar

Community bazaar

Promoting home based business in gated communities



We see gated communities spreading rapidly throughout big cities. Some residents are extremely busy with their work life, while others take care of home. Considering the needs of the other half Community Bazaar service is created.


Project Duration

3 weeks


My Role

UX Research, Service Designing



Along with Meghana Upadhyay

Tools Used

Adobe Indesign, VideoScribe, Adobe Photoshop

The Concept

With increase in urbanization, tier 1 and tier 2 cities has gone under huge developmental changes and one of the biggest change is the changing lifestyle of people. There was a time people used to live in independent houses, soon came the flat systems and now there is a wide growth in the gated community model.

This new residential system provides a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. A small gated society gives accommodation to at least 100–150 families. Since these community premises are quite wide spread and people are busy with their day to day activities, they hardly interact with each other and though they all share the same space, there is hardly any communication between them.Also a large amount of housewives, elderly who stay at home are interested to work at home for various reasons.

What makes home-based business preferable

Design Brief |

Will household business inside a gated community provide a successful business space and help bring fellow residents closer ?

Since we are looking into Apna Complex application, if a home based business feature is added in the existing application, it will be beneficial not only for the residents but also for the company as a whole since it will be an add-on and will serve needs of all community members, making their life much more easier.

But before implementing this concept there were still many unanswered questions that were needed to be looked upon before proceeding further.

Problem space analysis & affinity mapping

First we started with surveys so as to get an idea of what all business idea do people have in general or what they actually do. Through these surveys we got an idea of our target group and then started interviewing our target audience.

During the interviews we realized that there are people who are also interested in non-commercial services as well like free yoga classes, library services etc. And people also got beyond the discussion and told us that such feature can also help in maintaining social collaboration. After going through all the points from interviews and surveys we were considerate towards noncommercial services as well and look into the social collaboration aspect through it.

Next step was to see what all applications and services do people use currently for promoting their business. We analyzed the working of WhatsApp for business, Facebook, Instagram and classified section of ADDA, use of physical noticeboard and brochures. Taking these as competitors, we analyzed their system, growth and uses and worked on how to make the whole experience much simpler.

Community Bazaar 

Community Bazaar is an application which is basically meant for people who want to start their own business from home or for the ones who already are into such home based business and want to promote it inside their community. Promotion of all sort of commercial business can be done here and residents can shop offline. Interested sellers can post their advertisements and people from the community can see it. Seller can see how many people viewed the advertisement but viewers’ name will not be disclosed. There is a third parameter of contributors where he/she can propose a partnership with a seller if they share the same interest and it’s up to the seller to accept the proposition or not.


Journey Map

We created a journey map showing the journey of a seller, buyer and contributor while using our service. We have also captured various emotions the user goes through. We have covered various scenarios like a person deciding to put up his advertisement, to a buyer interested in buying, the views of contributors and other residents.

Service Blueprint

Service Blueprint includes detailed information of all the front-end and back-end activities going throughout the service. We speculated how our system should work and created a flowchart of all the steps involved. Keeping minimal complexities created a service blueprint out of it.


  • The concept could include several other features to be deployed as an application.
  • People might prefer whatsapp over any other promoting platforms though the promotion through the app can happen in an organized way.
  • The conflict that can arise when partnership is not accepted and the competition that can be built in the society has to be analyzed further.
  • A close look at the traditional approach instead of interface building approach is not done in detail.